Monday, 4 June 2018

 Slough House Wood - Katie Abbott and company  Monday 21-05-18

Katie had invited members of the Worshipful Company for the weekend. I sadly missed them as I was with the Kent group.

Nic Smith (who lives on a small Scottish Island – guess which one?)

She was making a shrink pot with two inset bases, having been inspired by a pot in the craft competition by Simon Lamb.

Sue Holden was knitting, this time alone as Will was off promoting Sawfest at Weird and Wonderful Wood

Katie was repairing a chair back using a mason’s mallet.

The new oven has proved to be a great way to baked bread and roast beef (missed that yesterday).

Plenty of loaves – now where dish did they put the fishes?

Great to visit Slough House Wood again, pity to miss Will Wall and of course we all miss Nick but his spirit lives on in all of us!

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