Tuesday, 5 June 2018

26/28th At  Wildwood - Wakehurst Place

James Pumphrey doing a  very polished bowl making demonstration.


Danny Harling turned up out of the blue – he is a chairmaker from Lewes and hopefully he will be coming to a few more Sussex events. He runs chairmaking courses – sussexgreenwoodworking.co.uk

07971 572044

Amy Leake doing some have a go on the shavehorse.

Two Leakes! – we need to watch Adam yet to be youngest bowl maker?

Chloe was very busy with her workshop.

And I was enjoying record wand sales!

Pete Rippingal – what a star! Has so much time to talk to the public and has been known to entertain on his guitar.

Mark Smith with his dog Lunar. The story is that he went to acquire a re-homed sheepdog trialist.

He had his heart set a particular dog. However the person in charge thought it was not suited to him. Later on another dog made a huge leap over a barrier into Mark’s arms. This was lunar! Later on Mark discovered that lunar was born a full moon!

Damien Goodburn using some very old tools to make his demo that bit more interesting

Mike Gordon playing with the candlestick concept.

Andrew Coleman fresh from the glory of the team log to leg race – and very well deserved!

Our BB logo designer – Clore Cecil working at her medieval stall. 

What a lovely event, great organisation on the ground. Huge thanks to James P. for the towing services. Not too many Kent bodgers this year?

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