Monday, 4 June 2018

Bushcraft magazine May meet / Kent group at Egerton Forstal  05-05-18


Never seen anyone blowing up a Dinosaur before!

Carole Leonard helping to inflate the beast.


Mike Church with his new mobile home, he has even got a garden fence.

The wood carver has a really excellent van! (Jealous really) Loads of solid wood and a massive wood-burning stove.

All that weight is fine when you have 7.5 tonnes to play with.

Sweet little carved axe (as opposed to a carving axe?)

This lady made some great stuff – including some very pretty socks.

Phil Cara on duty as always having a chat with Keith Leonard.

Jill Swan running a spoon workshop for improvers I think Rebecca joining in.

Master spinner at work Carole Leonard.

Great social event once again and a good turnout from the bodgers. If you have never been then put it down for next year/ 

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