Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Stradsett County Show nr. Downhall Market Norfolk.

This was my first visit to this event held at Stradset Hall. The weather forecast for the Saturday was terrible - lots of local flooding and thunderstorms but not at the event site. Unfortunately this put lots of people off - so very few public. The Sunday was a lot better however.

Nigel Wright from a long line of wheelwrights and joiners a charming interesting man!

The Norfolk woodturning club had their own marque and three lathes going – a very nice bunch of guys.

I was set up next to Bob Lever the basketmaker who was doing very well with his garden sculptures – no baskets in site!


I had a late commission to make an early drop spindle for this lady who immediately put it to good use.

Jonathan Marshall – was entertaining but with white horses and his Falcon. You just have to see and listen to this man – a modern day evangelist perhaps?

 A very polished and interesting performance.

It was a great shame that the public chose not to brave the weather. The organisers had done a good job as usual.

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