Friday, 15 March 2019

 Seat weaving day at Eden green with the Kent group 10th March


Needless to say there was a lot more then seat weaving going on  – the number of spinners is on the up!


Great to see Gill Swan and Phil Kara again seems like ages! Looking forward to another weekend in her woods in June.

Harry gave a demonstration in the use of rush seating using a family heirloom that he worked on as a teenager.


This young man was fresh from a seat making  with Tim Stevenson (Nunhead Cemetery).


Amy brought a very long stool!


Paul Shubshaw from the South London group (based at Brockwell Park).


Keith Leonard having far too much fun with a home-made stool.


Amy getting some assistance. John Burbage was leaning on the first stool he ever made.


Robin Etheridge was carving green men.

Another very interesting Kent winter meet with so many different thing going on. Thanks as usual to Phill and John Burbage for organising all the resources available for the very lucky people who were able to go.

The next Kent meeting is the White Chimney Wood (Burbage Towers) 27/8th April.

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