Thursday, 9 October 2014

Visit to Cherry Wood project week 02/05 October

The roundhouse started during the spring project week is nearing completion.

The living roof was sprouting nicely

The balcony is complete – just the floor inside and the walls still drying out.

Next season it is to be the cook’s house – so Dave will be a very lucky man; with two female apprentices as well.

This is the Cherry Wood Choir rehearsal for a song ‘Give us the Land’ there were some great musicians about this week.

The song will be on their website and hopefully a smash YouTube hit.

I was asked to build a smoker from a gas bottle – this is my new apprentice Rod from Homerton in London who had just arrived. He works in a wood yard but wanted to pick up some skills in metalwork.

He did very well; gas welding is a lot cooler when someone else does it.

One of the groups running through the song earlier in the week; note the autoharp, something I have not seen or heard before, a big sound from such a small soundboard.


Cherry Wood has a great tradition of cake with afternoon tea. 

This was almost the last creation from the outgoing chef who has a new job cooking for Druids starting next week.

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