Saturday, 8 August 2015

Lammas festival Western Lawns Eastbourne 25/6th July


Many hands make light work – James had the short straw.


Some of the border Morris dancers – apparently the blacking up was from goose fat and soot: used to hide the identities of the farm workers who were short of work and begging by singing and dancing.

The Sussex group had an impressive setup and were drawing lots of attention as usual with a wide range of activities.

Plenty of spoon activity.


Mr Nessie practising beads?

Vanessa was pole lathing and her beautiful knitting


Fionn with shaving in full flight – I found it difficult to time the capture of the shavings – these modern digital cameras have minds of their own.

The Henna and Hat Lady had some impressive hats, so much so – it was worth another picture.



The Weatherspoons pub in Cornfields was very well staffed and as you would expect a great range of real ales. The service was amazing – and organised, one some occasion’s one person taking money another pouring drinks.

Unfortunately the weather got the better of the Sunday which was a great shame for the organisers.

I was forced to seek shelter to finish an axe case I was delivering on the way home.

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