Monday, 17 August 2015

Wilderness Gathering West Knoyle Wiltshire 14/16th August

Jim McVittie leader of the Cambridgeshire group based at Wimpole Hall – he has set himself a challenge (started in February) to turn a  bowl a week and he was up to number 39 with this one – so he is doing very well.

Mike Church experimenting with a new design of basket using split Sweet Chestnut.
He attracted a lot of attention during the weekend.

We had a range of weather conditions to – from heavy rain on the Friday (did not however put off the public however) to very hot and sunny on the Saturday.

This was the fruits of his labour – three successful prototypes, a fire fan and two gathering baskets.

Chris Allen (Berkshire group leader) and friends were also keeping us company.

This whale fin kuksas was outstanding.

Chris had a really classy display of high quality, well designed goods.

An interesting busy display.

Great to see Ben and Lois Oford doing so well.
They we giving a range of demonstrations throughout the weekend. They had some really nice handmade textile additions to their normal sales range.

There was a wide range of makers including this needle felter.


This spoon maker had a wide range of shapes and sizes with some interesting variations on spoons and kuksas.

Gary Hull had some very individual knives with very detailed carved sheaths. He also had some iron work made by his 10 year old son.

Scruffy from every event I normally attend was of course making bentwood free-form chairs. 
This rocker was a bit of an experiment.

What a great event this turned out to be. The cleanest and the most well serviced portaloos of any event. Free hot showers for the traders and demonstrators. Plenty of public, good food and drink. Hats off to Roger Harrington and thank you for the invitation.

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