Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Belmont Wood Fair 10  &  11th October

I would under different circumstances have been with many friends at the Weald and Downland event at Singleton. However, I have already done one event there this season, so the chance of a new venue tipped the scales a bit, besides half the Kent group were going anyway!


Damien Goodburn was on good form on the adze.

John Burbage had some really stunning dibbers for sale amongst many other quality products. 

As I have mentioned before the Kent guys and girls have a collective shop and take it turns to collect!

During the Saturday night curry event I needed a timer to make sure the basmati rice was not overcooked (cover ordinary Basmati rice with boiling water by half an inch, salt and bring back to boil, turn heat down to minimum and steam for ten minutes, turn off heat).

Anyway I asked Bardster (who really has a solution to absolutely everything) for a timer. 

So Ipod + timer app!

Another Bardster design and build spoon holding shave horse variant.

Barster on the night shift. (would make a great CD cover) - not sure what for however - music to carve to? - we need a band!

One of the downsides to this event was the proximity of the chainsaw carvers to our setup, however this young lady was really rather good.


This small eared hare was £100 - I thought her prices were too cheap. Needs to get to a garden centre somewhere.

The girls now have some male competition on the baking stakes (The Bake off has a lot to answer for).

Mike Church has now come out as a baker! Brandy soaked cherries in this cake!

Mystery picture – so what is the spoon on the left doing? The Dutch oven contained Sunday lunch.

Answer at the end of this BLOG.

Damien is now stepping up production – boat balers two at a time.

He makes some really interesting replica tools and treen. The heart shaped baler from Willow was so light! – perfectly practical.


Graham Aslett is now sub-contracting to the Burbage industry!

What no rakes?


Lee Basset practising his axe technique for the Ball competitions next year – watch out James.

His support team was out on Sunday – getting her chainsaw certification.

Heidi makes the handmade cards for the Kent shop.

Carol Leonard with another piece of interesting weaving kit. This one was unusual as Keith (Mr Leonard did not make it).

There were many old engines at this event, this was a mini traction engine (bet I described it wrong) driving a circular saw for cross cutting firewood. I have seen some of the other engines at Townings Farm (an event that Sussex used to go to).

Another interesting and well executed product from the Bardster, a Cherry spoon.

Like all new events, they went for the big one, I guess you must make a statement of intent. We were very lucky with the weather. Not enough public really to financially support the traders or the demonstrators. But how do you start a new event? If you think small then perhaps no public. I guess you have to think big and suffer the consequences for the first couple of years until you break even! The woodland setup was really well setup. 

I think we would all do it again if asked! I would.

Mystery picture was another Barster spoon that was curry stained on on the bowl, Saturday night, so for the reheat on Sunday the handle was being stained to match.

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