Sunday, 4 October 2015

Cherry Wood Project Week Thursday 1st September / Sunday 4th October

I was put to work with a group making windows for the new big roundhouse. Started off with cutting curves with a handsaw - it’s amazing how much you can distort cheap plywood!


Forget the chopping block, far too slow – they just spilt it where it is.

Earlier in the year they were working on the small cook’s roundhouse. This has now been completed, looked great ever so Hobbitty!

The light tubes in the walls and the white interior really made this space special.

The outside looked pretty good too.
Just to remind you of the 11tons of cob in the walls!

This new roundhouse is considerably bigger and has straw bale walls with cob rendering.

You can just see one of the Norman windows, on the right.

Still lots to do on the outside. They have volunteer days every Thursday - so if you want to get involved email Tim.

They are also rebuilding the main kitchen this winter.

Tim’s new dog.


Dirty Alex from Chew Valley Charcoal paid us a visit on Saturday. We were discussing size requirements for a good charcoal burn.

He mentioned James Hookway’s retort oven and how good it is with small wood – this pine cone being a good example.

Saturday was BBQ night and party time for the volunteers. They now have an updated version of an oven I have shown before.

The fire on the left and the food with drip tray underneath on the right.

Needless to say the home grown pork (literally - grown on site) was excellent. Steve (live in chef) will be missed.

As the gathering round the camp fire swelled we were entertained by a cellist, flautist / clarinet, guitarist, Bob on harmonicas and a French woman with an amazing voice!

So many interesting things going on round the kitchen table. Sock knitting two at a time, toes first – similar to that of Sussex Nessie.

Another totally enjoyable project week, so many very interesting young people to talk to, it was also the end of the season to their apprentices and cook.

Tim unfortunately was laid up with a broken ankle and Merlin with shoulder problems. Wish them both well and a speedy recovery.

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