Sunday, 21 February 2016

Shrink Pots in Benenden with the Kent group 20-02-16

Well the cutter I made flexed too much and requires a top cap to stop this, the best tool I used was Amy’s standard cutting gauge – bit like a marking gauge but with a knife as its was designed to cut across the grain.

First job after cutting to length was to bore out a large hole using an auger bit. Lots of people were using workmates to grip their work.

The problem with using a flat vice or a shave horse is that once most of the hole has been wasted the force snaps the tube as Amy found out on her first attempt.


Damien using an in cannel gouges to remove the centre after drilling. 
The general rule of thumb was to leave about 10mm of wood inside the bark.

Robin had his wood wrapped in a towel?

After the hollowing out the slot to take the base it cut. Then dry wood is shaped to fit – Sue is doing this below.

John B was the only one not making – he was too busy looking after his guests. As ever a great host, a very generous man.

Then the base is popped into place – Harry demonstrating to Amy and Keith.


Phil Piddell has just come back from another trip (Africa) with this axe £3.50 from a local hardware store.

The cutting edge looked like a piece of car spring and not too sharpened either – apparently that’s how they use it.


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