Sunday, 14 August 2016

Making a billhook case in Wanstead 14-08-16

I only had a paper pattern for this commission so I had no option but to make a mould. Normally I would use plywood or MDF but this was around 1/8” thick so I used Perspex (not the easiest material to cut bevels on!)

I used an angle grinder with a metal cutting disc and then filed it my hand.


Next step was to make templates using thick cardboard.

I stapled the welt to the outer pattern and then tested on the mould.

For rough finishing of the leather sandwich I use a sanding board.

I have a range of these with different grids 80 - 320 Stuck onto some lamin-board. A type of block board using flat strips – very expensive (I salvaged some posh library shelving some years ago).

 I have changed how I use my stitching pony (back problems), I now clamp it to a bench and stitch standing up – far more comfortable.

I have also mounted my wooden slicker on my lathe which really speeds things up.

Once I had done all the hand stitching and made the strap, then just a final fitting (suits you sir?)

The completed case just needs a jiffy bag and posting.

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