Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Visit to Slough House Wood to see Nick and Katie Abbott 23-08-16


Always something interesting to be seen with such a wealth of creative skills about – this is a Swedish lunchbox that Sue Holden has acquired. 
Unusual that it is painted.

The wedge on the left slides out, releasing the lid. The handle is forged, perhaps crudely but is very functional. The end locating caps are planted cross grained and dowelled.

I think that a few people want to go into production with this one.



This drinking cup is unusual because it does not look at all like Apple – another Will Wall creation.


Will was working on his bowl shave with Rumanian legs neatly curved to match the top.

This was a very pretty marking gauge with a curved brass wear plate and an easily adjusted pin arrangement. It was also graduated along the handle.


It was a very, very hot day so not too much activity.

Thanks to the Abbotts for their hospitality. Very good to see Olvin and Nic Smith as well as Eric Rogers, Will Wall and Sue Holden.

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