Thursday, 1 September 2016

Fenland Country Show at Stow cum Quy 27/29th August

The White Swan is the local to this event.

I have never seen so many Gin varieties – about 25 amongst this lot. Not bad for a local.

The whole area was heavily used by the RAF during the war and this map details the names of all the volunteers. Great bit of local history on the wall of the pub, hopefully not largely unnoticed.


No, I have not gone mad – just using the gas stove as a heat shield so as not to burn the grass. I was surprised that many of the public commented on the Kelly kettle – they had not seen it before. Mind you many of the public had at least two dogs with them – country shows attract a different audience.


Having just retired I have decided to live on a more healthy diet so muesli for breakfast during the Summer at least.


If you ever thought that my shave horse was over engineered – this was Tillie’s


A pair of home-made planes from Harriet one in wood and one in metal.

Harriett and Tillie in action educating the public.

Over the weekend the White Swan held their beer festival. As usual the traction engine crews were thirsty and paid a visit. Unfortunately they could not get into the car park.


The chainsaw carver was David Bytheway.

This ex-taxidermist was a real artist, creating his work from memory.

He works mainly in Yew and uses his power tools via a solar panel and an inverter. His van was an ex BT truck with a tail lift. Now I am planning to make my own campervan so I am very interested in other peoples utilities.


This was the second year for me but this event has been run by the same people for 43 years. The organisers were very accommodating and welcoming. They would welcome a greater variety of green woodworkers at this event. If you’re interested let me know.

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