Monday, 5 September 2016

Into the Trees Pippingford Park Nutley Sussex 3/4th September.


Good to see the Bertenshaw clan again - giving Mike a hand with the Sussex stand. Shortly after this one of their poles broke - so a quick bit of felling and drilling and they were back in action with a heavier piece of kit.


The latest Mike Church creation – cherry cake decorated with brandy soaked cherries.

He also brought along some rabbits for our Saturday curry.


Alan Course was up to usual floor level forging work – not too sure what the pink garland was all about.

John Waller – ‘Underwoodsman’ making baskets, he does lots of courses in all sorts of crafts.

Vanessa Sutcliffe our Gazette editor showing off one of her many skills.


Steve Wright with a couple of his forestry apprentices putting on a good show.

Note the self assembly boot and wellie racks.


A rather good shot of my personal safety equipment on my leg (femoral artery protector) and the guard rail in front of my toolbar. I have also made it difficult to remove the axes as they do not pull straight out. However at the Fenland country show one member of the public managed to get one out without even asking!


Graham with a gentleman who was at this show last year with his native wood collection and is coming back next year. 

If you have any samples of unusual English hardwoods you may be able to help him increase his collection. Contact me if you do

John Burbage now making shingles for his outdoor fire shelter. He was making the shingles for the workshop for years. The White chimney weekend is coming up in a couple of weeks – if you want to give him a hand then go along.

Frank Wright was doing the hedge laying demonstration. I think it’s great that they plant the hedge first – it looks very convincing even with the small stock to start with. I haven’t seen him for ages, perhaps I am not going to the right shows and need to join their coppice group.


Graham doing the devil’s work on his rake handles with abrasive paper. I suppose you could argue the case for shark’s skin?

This was an interesting object, a butter container? – Russian shrink pot perhaps. The base cap and its recess looked awfully well formed, probably done on a lathe. Some great carved decoration. I bet Stuart King has seen one of these.

It was a little damp in the evenings but all in all a good show for its second year. The setting amongst the trees on this beautiful estate made it a bit special. 

I failed to get a picture of 'Roundhouse Richard' and on this occasion he had a double roundhouse.

One can always wish for more visitors but I guess building up the numbers takes time. Thanks to organisers for the invitation. Any many thanks to all our members from Kent and Sussex who supported this event.

Belmont Wood Fair next week.

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