Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Sunday 25th June   Gunton Park Mill NR11 7HN White Post Road.


This water powered mill is only open six days a year for visitors.
This is the reservoir fed from a local river and discharged back into it.


The two sluices that fed the water wheels.

The logs are chained to the sliding table into the path of the reciprocating blade. Although they were using only one blade the setup was for multiple blades.

The last few cuts and the plank is free.

View from above.

Plumb bobs - they are used to align the log to the saw blade.

The recently refurbished building had a new reed roof (well it is Norfolk and the broads are not too far away).

An interesting pattern on the inside and it was difficult to see how it was all held in position.

The log was progressed on the downward stroke of the blade which was set at an angle so on the upward stroke the shaving were ejected hence the unusual rippled pattern on the cut planks.

External view with the reed roof also showing the loading / unloading crane.

A very interesting visit, check out their website for more details. This was built during a time of great change. It was not long before the whole thing was obsolete and replaced by a steam engine.

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