Monday, 12 June 2017

Visit to Motts Mill to help Nancy Bertenshaw  10-06-17

I have been to her converted laundry parts of which were recently judged to be medieval! A very interesting house in an unusual setting – halfway up a hill, stunning  location.

I missed most of the day visitors since I was at an earlier APTGW meeting at the Monument.
We were all there to help sort out and clear some of her house contents.


Nancy recently made her a duvet using Alpacca wool – have got to make myself one of those! 

Two sheets sewn together with long pockets, some say no need even to wash the wool. Phill – have you got any more wool?

I managed to clear some of the beer making equipment, my eldest son Paul is just about to start brewing and was over the moon with the big starter kit – thanks Nancy.

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