Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Wood Show at the Weald and Downland Musuem at Singleton Sussex 17/18th June

This was that scorcher of a weekend we cannot forget.
This show is bi-annual, lots and lots of bodgers at this one.

Hubble bubble soil and trouble - The witches of Singleton, Clau and Nancy.

Rustic Ash Chairs
Gryff -  the master chair maker we saw at the Ball with the story telling chair.
Rarely have I seen anyone develop their craft quite so quickly.


Jeremy Atkinson (my personal clogmaker) paying homage to his chairman!
Always such good entertainment.
He did not enjoy the local beer, perhaps he should have stuck to the W&D cider.

A young Adam Leake on the shave horse. I think he was actually having a race with Oliver (all good practice for the Ball).

Oliver – one of our youngest pole lathe turners - what an amazing boy!

A younger  Leake with Oliver’s two cockerel chicks - Sneezy and cheep.

The Blacksmith is Martin Fox – it was so hot I cannot believe he was doing that.

His work is excellent – he needs to show it off a bit more, no perhaps a lot more!

Julian Bell is the Museum Curator – he is pretty handy hewing but on this occasion hurdle making. Thanks for the cider.

Pete Pippingal – he never stops entertaining the crowds.  Plays a mean guitar as well


Andrew Coleman (Sussex group leader) passing on his skills to his wife Karen.

Fionn Turnbull and Nancy Bertenshaw (Mike Gordon in background).
Nancy had been making string and other things from bark – it’s amazing what you can make from nettles and Willow and how string it is.

My latest setup – front tarp that saved my bacon this weekend.

Foolishly I used to the think the tarps were only rain shields!

Pete’s fruit maul – Malus, it was grafted onto a rootstock, looked like a foot from underneath.

What a great weekend, will have to wait another two years sadly. Thanks to the Museum and all their staff who made the whole thing work.  Happily we will be back in more force at the Autumn.

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