Friday, 25 August 2017

 My Holiday in Albufiera Portugal end of July.

We were in a very posh hotel on the sea front. Great food and even better service.

The joys of a hire car! being able to explore something other than the touristy bits.

On the outskirts of Monichique

Have never recognized cork oak. They harvest sections on a rotation.

Since the decline in wine bottle corks they are now making everything from cork (who could blame them).


The only Tapas bar I found in a relatively touristy area. Firewater E0.80. Bread and black pudding E3.00. Amazing!

There were quite  a few examples of street bronzes of well-known local characters.

The local church had some features I had not seen before - wall decorations made of ceramic tiles

Most of the carving was of wood

I presume the parquet flooring was local. Have no idea what species. The lighter elements were unlikely to be sapwood since it appeared to wear as well as the darker (heartwood)?

Another trip to Loule

A Coppersmith
This shop took some finding! – But got there eventually.

Just what I wanted to find – a local craftsman using some old technology! I bought a large copper cataplana dish from him.

Well this guy was the medieval market.  He said that Portugal used to be well known for at least 40 different gins.


Including this seaweed flavoured variety.

And some Freddie Mercury beer?

All in all a great holiday, a little too much sun for me and not enough exploring.

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