Friday, 20 April 2018

15/16th April at the Cherrywood project week Ashwicke Nr, Marshfield South Gloucestershire

Tim Gatfield had two project weeks a year and also runs a weekly volunteer Thursday. If you have never been this is a must!

Naomi and Kobo visiting from Israel made a huge impression with their culinary skills on Monday evening.


This I believe was a North African dish Saksuka

I was having a late breakfast - new cooks in the background, Libby has a canal boat but has yet to move it closer

Claire – first time visitor last year and now a spoon maker of one year ,went to Ball at Telford and going to Singleton very soon.

Ono's Danish friend ferrying wood to the main construction site. All the materials were harvested from the wood.

(Splendid campervan in background).

Paul Shrubshall from the South London group (centre) another first time visitor - on a scouting mission.

This was part of the new shower / toilet block.

Ono a frequent visitor from Denmark on the grinder incognito!

New toilet and shower block in the early stages,

eventually it will consist of an entry platform with a suspension walkway to the tree platform with showers, toilet and washing facilities.

Great to see so many of Tim’s ex-apprentices helping out during the week. Kirby (centre) still lives on site as a coppice worker.

Note the cob house in the background.

 Naomi – first time Bark stripper.

Unfortunately I only managed two days and missed the best of the weather. Looking forward to the next one.

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