Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Wanstead 20-11-18 my hybrid graduate lathe.

The lower outboard and speed control both sides makes this a short and long bed lathe. My chucks have left and right hand threads - so will go on both sides of the headstock.

Have been busy returning roughed out bowls for the last few events of the year. 

I made this huge faceplate 32” diameter a good few years ago. The MDF disc is drilled and tapped.

There are two methods of holding large bowls, the angled blocks. Note the pencil rings drawn on the MDF. 

 and rubber sleeves over nylon bolts. The system was designed by my good friend Gabor Lacko a long time ago before Cole jaws had been invented.

Extra holes are drilled and tapped about 2mm larger than the bowl being worked. This way the rubber is in contact - not marking the piece.

For much larger items plywood rings and long bolts can be used. Great care must be taken however as to where you put your hands with all that spinning metalwork about. The speed control which is very necessary was curtesy of Mr Lacko of course!

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