Thursday, 29 November 2018

23/5th November Christmas Market at the Weald & Downland Museum at Singleton, Sussex

Needless to say I could not fail to stop on the way down for lunch at The Limeburners Newbridge Road Billinghurst RH14 9JA

Great real ale and outstanding food!

Never seen scissors served with mustard before, puts a slightly different slant on 'cutting the mustard'.

Well with a little more thought the clientele were on average older than myself so perhaps the scissors reduced table debris!


Well, I was here last year when my gazebo got damaged and was given the grain store as a dry space to work from. This year there was some debate about my plot size so I ended up once again sharing the grain store with the locals!

Well they were good company, I’m sure they were not just there for the gleaning.

Met some very interesting people including Tim Stankus an artist blacksmith. Would be nice to get him to the ball demonstrating but he is not yet set up for it.   BTW he is not a chicken!

Not so many people as last year but the weather wasn’t as good. Thanks again to their events team who were ever helpful as usual.

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