Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cherry Wood 10th July South Gloucestershire SN14 8FE

Tim Gatfield was running a chair making course and this was one example of two double chairs with burr Elm seats that were under construction.

Thursday is his volunteer day (every week) and as usual he had been very busy.

It is no secret that this is my favourite place!
I started as a volunteer a few years ago and travelled from London to do so. Well it changed my life!

Last time I visited during their spring project week they had only just started on the roundhouse.

It now has an interesting roof and the internal rendering has started.

The view from inside is similar to that of a yurt although as yet it lacks the warmth. The wall construction should keep the occupants insulated from the elements.

The views of the forest from this building will be incredible. I am looking forward to spending a night or two in here.

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