Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Coopers  Wood  Keston Kent BR2 6AS 12-07-14

The latest addition to my shave horse – a tool rack – this should stop me loosing tools in the shavings.

Tom the vet was very busy making his first bowl pole lathe.

Harry was employing some child support  to turn the grinding wheel that he acquired recently for Graham Aslett.

I never seen one with a virtually brand new stone before and it was relatively fine as well.

John Burbage busy working on a secret project.
I have never seen him so focussed, looks like a chair leg with one bead?  Bit thin I thought.

Rumour has it that he has a bet on with a central committee member.


The Kent boys as usual hanging around the local burger bar on Saturday night.

Graham is a wizard at making everything, so to overcome problems with drying very bent branches for shavehorse arms he slits them with a chainsaw and dries them whilst still in one piece.


Richard Wells was busy forging a scorp from an old file – not an easy task. 

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