Saturday, 13 September 2014

Forty Hall Estate Enfield EN2 9HA 12-09-14

Forty Hall is a manor house of the 1620s in Forty Hill in Enfield, north London. The house, a Grade I listed building, is today used as a museum by the London Borough of Enfield. Within the grounds is the site of the former Tudor Elsyng Palace.

The lake is in front of the house and the royal palace would have been visible in this view.

I was visiting as a scout for a future ‘Ball’ possibly 2016. I met Lorraine Cox during the Lord Mayor’s show last year. 

She gave me a guided tour of the site and we had a preliminary discussion. 

I will bring this up at our next management meeting in November. 

The site has a lot of potential and the area immediately around the house would make a great setting for a Bodger’s village.

Forty Hall is just off the M25 and 10 minutes from the M11.  It is inside the emissions zone but we are uncertain as to the enforcement area.

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