Saturday, 13 September 2014

Kent group meeting at White Chimney Woods 6&7th September 

A Graham Aslett break model No.2
Mark 1 has been featured on a report from Coopers Wood…
This had some modifications – angled roofs to the uprights (originally cleft shingles).
Also note the burnt legs for additional protection against the elements and bugs.

Harry (Singer) Rogers has now taken to bringing his mobile leather shop with him – some very nice work.
I must say how helpful he has been to me on sewing machine matters – thanks Harry.
I hope at some time he might write an article on leatherwork and machines for the gazette.

The standard  of baking is definitely on the up. 

I suspect we will have to extend the range of competitions at the next ball – why not?

On Sunday we enjoyed a weaver’s caravan cake – brilliant!

Voodo alpaca has been self- harming again – well a bit more hedge-laying really!
I was advised buy our legal department not to show the other arm; it was far worse.

John Burbage was in charge of the steam bending  team – Ash chair back. Having done a little with Richard Bingham recently I know that it needs a great deal of strength and coordination to get it done.
Steaming it for longer apparently works against you.

Gill Swan giving Tom the vet (big breakfast) some tuition.

I think it’s a bit mean to make him kneel down!

Terry Jones with a very handsome stool, but I wanted to show you his latest passion – German gathering baskets.

In the background is Graham’s mobile workshop extension / camper van.

Later next day – having allowed for shrinkage overnight, the almost completed basket.

 He really makes it look so easy – well is isn’t easy.

Two of the specialist planes Terry used to shape the weaving material.

Nick Bertenshaw was developing his bowl turning skills, whilst Nancy was doing a cordage workshop making wristbands.

The weaver’s dinner table; no long legged rabbits anywhere to be seen.

Voodoo alpaca on breakfast duties; notice he is still hiding his left arm.

So Phil is doing the sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms, 

Terry and Mike are in charge of bacon, beans and eggs.

Tom (big breakfast) organised the toast.

Perhaps a full English competition at the next Ball?

Mike and Tom helping Harriot (a potential new member).

She was on the pole lathe with Mike at Townings farm last week.

Damien Goodburn was using some Stone Age replica tools. This was a bronze axe; this would have been hammered to harden it before sharpening.

Damien was having no trouble using this level of technology.

Jocelyn was making a hurdle on the Sunday having turned up with a truck full of broom makings on Saturday.

I wonder what her sheep were doing after their foot-bath?

This time of year is bad for foot rot apparently. 

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