Thursday, 11 June 2015

Bredhurst Wood Fayre 30/31st May

This was my first visit to the 600 acres in Kent. Steve Wright who I met at a leatherworking day with the Kent group earlier in the year organised this event to celebrate their 10th year of restoration of the site. It had been a dumping ground for stolen cars and fly tippers.


 Well he telling stories!


Wandering minstrels

Some beautiful logging horses were doing their stuff.

Mark Sidders – his really unusual lightweight display.


Non slip routing mat; actually used to protect the underside of the spoon from the old surform blade fixed to the top of the shave horse.

It’s the roundhouse from Bentley with a new roof.

One amazing pretty chair with captive rings on each spindle, - even if it was down on a power lathe.

One of the visitors may have been expecting trouble so he brought his retired sniffer dogs (explosives) with him.

The dog actually sniffing is trained to help people suffering from cynophobia (fear of dogs).

The man with the roundhouse was making bentwood chairs £130 each.

Thanks for the invitation Steve, what a great venue, hope to visit again.

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