Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Saturday / Sunday 20/21st June Wood Fair at the Weald and Downland Museum at Singleton Sussex

Mike Gordon using the opportunity to do a bit of tool promotion whilst adjusting one of the Sussex shelters.

Your chairman attempting to use Clau’s trick (standing on something to get closer to the satellite) to get some reception.
The grain store behind me was getting a makeover from the local thatcher.

 Amy and Graham picking up a few tips from the expert James Pumprey on bowl turning.

Simon Damant , Sue Reeve and the tool guy.
Sue was spotted later in the day on a pole lathe doing rather well, surprise surprise.
Simon does everything well and pretty quickly.

Mike doing what he excels at – teaching the basics of pole lathing.
This young lady was on a family holiday.

This could be a promotional image to advertise heat powered laptops, but Simon has yet to complete his field trials.

Jeremy Atkinson – maybe the last clog maker, as you may know the APTGW have given a grant to JoJo Wood who is now training with him.
A fine example of his work.
Check out his website       www.clogmaker.co.uk

This was the first rocket stove I have seen that powers a light (have seen the phone charger ones with the USB).

I missed the charcoal  earth burn as we were a little spread out along the long tourist trail.

Good to see Ted Tuddingham again work on a bark seat for a chair.

This really beautiful boat had started out as just a dugout (about 20mm thick). It was then filled with water into which large amounts of hot metal was added. After a good slow boil the cross struts were forced in pushing the sides out – what a brilliant way of doing it. That’s not all; it was then carved to make it the masterpiece that it is! I did not see Damian Goodburn on the day but his face was on the information.

Nessie, Amy and children enjoying themselves. Watch your backs boys they are good!

A great weekend with friends at a very pretty venue.

It was a shame that the public had to walk such a distance to see us and even further uphill to see others. The least sustainable crafts were closer, as were the commercial food outlets who may have seen the 5,000 people on Saturday, many of whom did not see us.

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