Thursday, 11 June 2015

First meeting at Claudine Cecil’s place at Burwash 7th June

This lovely setting in a valley (prone to flooding), next to Roger Daltry’s place;


This Bamboo was growing at ½” an hour


Plenty of cooking resources, Clau proved to be a great host.

Mark Smith’s lathe with Yew bow poles, Mike Gordon enjoying a rest and Peter Castle who popped in for a quick chat.


Mike enjoying a snack or two or three.


Harriet, sitting in with Mark Smith who was entertaining us with Clau (not in shot),

 Mike still chilling out.


Now Mark is in to airplanes and things – these days very powerful electric motors rule the skies with their lithium gel batteries. Believe you me once up it’s a buzzard! So much so a Kestrel was shadowing it! 

It has been rumoured that the locals con visitors with tall tales of local buzzards doing aerial acrobatics.

What a great setting – rumours of a mini ball setting. Thanks Clau

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