Sunday, 12 July 2015

Coopers Wood Keston Kent 11/12th July at the Invitation of our hosts Graham Aslett and Terry Jones

Graham has been building his grand toy room for some time and this masterpiece is no exception.

A bark peeler for posts etc. Bit like a freehand planer.

The blades are set up a bit like a spokeshave, the disc is not flat but angled – this may help with its structural integrity.  The blades only protrude 10 thou. I am guessing that much more would make hand feeding and control impossible.

On the way I suggested to Graham about ignition, of course it works on compression, a few turns of the hand crank and its away all 7 horses!

Here Graham is trimming a very dry Oak fence post with total ease – brilliant.

Straight from Machine Mart (where I am going ASAP) a sump pump that will do anything £35. Graham was fuelling his tractor with it.

This site when occupied is packed with great kit this cast iron kettle (bit like a Samovar) providing hot water all day.

Terry Jones with a German style bark gathering basket.
He was making this when I saw him last year

This one was for me!

Graham's Canadian mosquito trap – it works but only for very fat heavy ones! a bit gin -esk?

Carole (& Keith) spinning, last time I saw them was the Bodgers Ball doing free workshops with Marion Winser.

Her beautiful wheel was made by Keith - how sweet is that? Keith was busy on a pole lathe...

Phill has been busy experimenting with making his own tools. He is rake making (under Grahams tutelage).

He is trying out his de-barking drawknife.

Bardster with his new shave horse / braiding steer.  He has some great home made kit.

He made an impressive braided para cord strap for Grahams basket.

What a knowledgeable man and so willing to pass on what he knows. It really enriches a weekend if you have someone from a parallel organisation sharing their kit (and I mean really impressive kit) and knowledge – thanks Paul.

Well its Terry Jones again with an impressive garden bench.

Chestnut top and legs with a Yew back – just short of a few stays.

I did ask Graham earlier in the weekend when he was going to get his big Wood Miser going (I wasn't really on the scrounge for even more wood), well he waited until I was leaving – probably for the best.

Well thank you to Graham and Terry who did most of the organisation and work for the greater good.

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