Monday, 20 July 2015

 Scythe and  Cider festival at Wakehurst Place – Kew Gardens 19th July

It was a shame I was double booked as I missed out on the Saturday.

Well, I gave Amy Leake a bowl lathe not so long ago and I suggested that it may be an idea to number them, that way you can see how your own skill is developing – especially if you have the will to ask others to pass comment. This is not always a comfortable thing to do. I was so pleased that she showed me her first seven (No. 6 missing – presumed lost). Needless to say she has shown far more potential than I had at this stage.

These Morris dancers were reminiscent of Lammas which is next weekend at The Western Lawns Eastbourne. Some of this group live in Turners Hill not too far away (how woody is that?).
I managed to solve a mystery – why do they black their faces? – goose grease and soot protected their identities and saved then from punishment for begging by dancing on the borders, presumably Sussex borders.

Mike Church was of course our man on the trugs. He is an artist, a very young artist. It will be interesting to see how and in what direction he many extend and develop his skills.


James Pumphrey our man at Wakehurst demonstrating bowls, talking to Richard Bingham another trug man – plenty of them in this part of the world.


Nancy Bertenshaw doing a cordage workshop for the public.
I really take my hat off to our members who unselfishly give up their time just to inform and guide the public in this craft.

Nick Bertenshaw discussing Amy’s bowl making skills


Richard Bingham (host of Herstmoncaux Ball).
Another, or perhaps I should comment another wise trug maker from Sussex. He does do weekend courses with the Sussex group, I still have my treasured trug I made with him.
His cataract op must ham gone well. If you ever though smaller is easier think again!


Well the scything went well and gave an additional dimension to the weekend. A few friendly faces including Jim McVittie from Wimpole.

Drove past this guy on the way home on the M25 – is it a Meschershmitt?

I had a great day – the organisation on the ground was great, thanks for the local wood guys! Look forward to another event next year.

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