Monday, 6 July 2015

Fairlop Fair Saturday 4th July at Fairlop Walters Barkingside Essex.

The story starts in the 1720’s, when wealthy landowner Daniel Day (1683 - 1767)
travelled to Fairlop once a year on the first Friday to collect his rents. He was a
popular man with the nickname ‘Good Day’, who owned a ship’s pump and
blockmaker’s business in Wapping, part of the busy area along the River Thames.
On his trip to Fairlop, Daniel arranged for a feast of bacon and beans to be sent from
"The Maypole" pub then sited where the Fullwell Cross Health Centre is today, and
he and his friends enjoyed a bean feast under a large oak tree - the famous Fairlop Oak.


So now roll the clock forward 115 years.

This was our second year at this event held by the London Borough of Redbridge and organised by Bonita Castle.

It was a very hot day and I was glad to have some shade.

We also had a Fairlop Woodturners setup and our chairman John Brotherton is seen here demonstrating.

The club now meets every second Monday during term time at King Solomon High School. It is open to anyone. 

Checkout our website

I bumped into my scout leader Ron Jeffries who provided the pictures. 
Ron has spent his lifetime serving the community and is still doing so! He has written two books one about his life and another about the local area.

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