Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Leatherworking at Wanstead

This case is for Jill Swan – a bit Hobbitty (Gandalf’s hat?).

This was a bit of an experiment using thin soft leather. The hand stitching is a pain the grooving and stitch marking is almost impossible – perhaps I should have machined it. The wet moulding worked out fine. Cutting the strap was also tricky, as you pull it through the cutter you stretch it – so it actually wider the more pressure you apply.

A case for his first knife – wet moulded veg tan for Alex who was at the Scything Festival at Wimpole.


I am reminded of my weekend at Cherry Wood with Rob Exton on a leatherworking weekend.

There is no trick to wet moulding and making card templates is the only way to get the sizes right and a good fit.

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