Tuesday, 26 January 2016

On the way down to Motts Mill – stately home of the Bertenshaws I dropped into the Windmill (CAMRA recommended) at Sevenoaks Weald.


The present owners bought this run down business from a Greene King. It was originally built as the railway was planned to stop here. In the event the railway never came.


They only sell local beer and this was outstanding for a session beer.

Needless to say – well worth a visit.

Onwards to Motts Mill

What a great sight! Nick’s own brewery. He buys kits, but very good ones, the stout we were drinking was excellent.

He uses pressurised barrels which means the beer keeps for a long time (as you are not letting the air in).

The snug bar at Nick & Nancy’s

They have a new undyed, natural Herdwick wool carpet; even the 18 year old cat was scared to walk on it!

Thanks for the hospitality.

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