Thursday, 20 October 2016

Flying visit to Durham Cathedral Tuesday 18th November

I went to Newcastle to look at a van for a camper conversion. I had a good look at other options but all the commercially produced vans are crammed with far too much stuff. They are all a mishmash of what you have at home, bit of a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. But more importantly they have no storage space.

On the way back I called in at Durham and the cathedral. My camera is no good at big pictures but go on line to see the majesty of this amazing construction.

The Last supper table was made by  Colin Wilbourn the artist in residence seventeen years ago. It was made from some 500 year old Oak from the bell tower.


Just one of the many stunning architectural features.

Statue of the Annunciation by Joseph Pyrz

The Pieta – a sculpture of the dead Christ alongside his grieving mother carved from Beech by Fenwick Lawson.

The town is surrounded by the river Weir and there are many local events based on the water.

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