Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Cherry Wood spring project week Monday 17th - Saturday 22nd April 2017

A regular Thursday volunteer Roy Henderson testing a planter for Tim’s yurt platform.

Little did we know that this was a precursor for a cocktail binge later in the week.

The new live in chef – big boots / pony tail.

Her first test – Victoria sponge using a wood fired pizza oven. –  Past with honours!



One of the first big projects I worked on with John Fells some years ago – looking really good still.


Big Willow log to be hauled up the bank so work can start on the dug out canoe.


New roof cover to the main workshop – some new light gathering material.


Cherry wood cocktail – fresh strawberries and vodka. Red an ex apprentice celebrating his last few days before an imminent  shoulder rebuild.

One of the new apprentices George had invited his family down for the week – Georges’s Dad making planters.

All the meals are vegetarian and are cooked buy the live in chef from local sources.

Part construction of the fruit cage in Tim's garden - a bit OTT just to hold up the bird proof mesh?


Ono,  George and help shoveling … for the planters

Elm bark stripping, this was just a very small bit of the huge roll they got from one tree.


Another chef’s challenge, banana shortcake  – passed.

Poppy Weight enjoying the atmosphere – great to bump into Lillie again.


The carpet of wild garlic gave that great aroma and was a perfect addition to most things cooked during the week.

Reminiscent of the yellow brick road largely because the wild garlic almost looked fake.



So this was a new growing idea -  a pile of logs covered in manure set to grow squash.

Fruit cage nearing completion.

I was asked to build the new pig house. All the materials were grown on site 0 air miles!


The planters were quickly filled and planted up.

Well, another great project week, I had to leave early to be with the Kent group at Benenden. I say this every time, it's my favorite place – if you have never been then you must go, it’s so refreshing to meet so many young people who are as passionate (if even more so) than most bodgers are who actually trying to make it their livelihood. 

Thanks again Tim for your hospitality and see you in October for another project week.

Check out their website for course dates etc.

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