Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Friday 22nd September Called in at Haynes Trucks in Ashford to organise van MOT. 

This was first time that I went on line first to have a look at reviews before making a decision. Both main dealers (IVECO) nearer to me in London had rubbish reviews. Since I was going to Kent I tried this one with good reviews and I now know why, they were helpful, friendly and did not charge me for the computer diagnostic.

The Halfway House at Brenchley was the logical choice to stay at overnight.

Where else really? – Their regular 14 beers (one cider) straight from the barrel. Good food as always.

They have some interesting decorations around the bar.

The flat spacious car park makes this a great overnight venue. I have yet to be refused camping rights.

White Chimney Wood Benenden Kent 23/24th September.

This was the last weekend for the Kent group meeting at John’s place this year although that may change as he is improving the top access path. 


Where to start? So much going on.

Harry getting a few tips about needle felting and spinning from Carol and Wendy

Didn’t take too long to get the hang of it and make this hare – I wonder where he is going to put it?

Clau was having fun on the shave horse, not to sure what she was making but the small Flexicut draw knife she borrowed was given a road test.

Mark Fenn not only makes bowls but smoked salmon – adding to feast we shared at the weekend.


Jeremy making another interesting bowl.


When not the lathe he is in the kitchen making probably everything but here we have some rye bread – excellent stuff.

Richard in the naughty boy’s corner.


Keith giving the roof a few shingles.

Damien up a creek making paddles.


Since I spent most of the weekend borrowing tools from the Bardster tool shop I thought I must show you these – everything comes around? Note the handles around the axe blades (I wonder what era that idea came from – should ask Damien).

Bardster shingling with full use of Li-ion power.


Missionary Mike (Uganda) Gordon showing off his holiday pictures.


Well, what next is skittles for Alpacca alley?


Harry making plant holder materials for some impromptu basket work.

This was the busiest I have ever seen it. New faces everywhere ; probably due to Belmont Wood Fair a couple of weeks ago. Jocelyn Gregory not making a hurdle!

The witches of the Kent coven? not normally seen in daylight.

The irrepressible string maker Nancy adding to her Sami style tool belt.

What a great weekend - fabulous weather as well. Many thanks to John Burbage for his hospitality.

Looking forward to their next meeting, if your interested contact Phill.

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