Saturday, 30 September 2017

Friday 29th September 
My First visit to the community garden at Brockwell Park London SE24 9BJ

Paul Shrubshall has started a green woodworking group at this site where he has been volunteering.


I thought it would be advisable to use public transport, I do not enjoy the London traffic or the congestion charge although I could escape the latter.


This is the stunning  view from Blackfriars station from inside the train.

After a very pleasant walk up the hill the community garden area.

The bodging area in the trees.


The honey suppliers.

This greenhouse was full of peppers. I did see some pepper jam in the kitchen area.
The previous evening they had a dinner party in here.


The themed greenhouse – now in its ginger mode. They were growing allsorts, tamarind, ginger

Galangal and lots of related plants.
Before this they were growing tea!

The raised areas were in a rotation - lots of information boards which really helped to know what the plan was and what they were growing.
There was a group of corporate volunteers in the corner constructing the floor to a café project next to the huge cob oven.

The man himself Paul Shrubshall – who is looking forward to meeting anyone who is interested in being part of this new group.

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