Sunday, 1 December 2013

Visit to Bradfield Woods  30 / 01-12-13 with the Suffolk Group

I had the good fortune to be invited to stay at Sue and Will’s house on Saturday night. I had no trouble finding it, the fire wood, timber framed building and log pile was a dead give away.

Nice to know we all enjoy a modest tool collection and a very well used workshop.

The setting up at the woods included a very special spoon collection from Eric Rogers – I thought they were all Swedish by other makers but they all were made in Sweden by Eric himself.

I have shown this cooking arrangement before and it still works great – one of the best smoke free systems I have seen to date.

One of the many courses - freshly roasted chestnuts.

After that were local sausages, home made beetroot soup and an impressive cheeseboard. All  consumed on home-made plates, platters, bowls and spoons –foreground spoon from Barn.

 Simon Lamb was kind enough to make the effort to join the group. He always has a good display. He also runs courses – for details read the gazette or contact him directly.

This stool / seat was sweet – a good use for a three way crotch. It may have been wasted in any other form. 

Andy Basham was busy making thatching spars.


He makes many things, including round wood furniture, from over-stood coppice cuttings.

Last picture is a potential shop display for Spencer (Hugh-siblings) Reindeer enterprises Ltd.

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