Sunday, 17 November 2013

16th November APTGW Committee meeting at the London Internet exchange next to the Shard

Hugh Spencer (Treasurer) arranged for us to meet here as the location is fairly central for the elected members of the committee.

Clockwise from bottom left –
Mike Gordon - representing the Sussex group who are hosting the BB 2014 at Richard Binghams farm at Herstmoncaux Sussex.
Mark Allery – Resident Ball coordinator
The empty chair was mine – Chairman
Alan Edwards – Course compiler / coordinator
Clive Robinson – Merchandising
Alan Edwards – Insurance coordinator
Phill Piddell – newly co-opted member – IT (voodooalpacka Youtube)
Harry Rogers – Secretary (Mr Windsor chair Youtube)
John Burbage – Treasurer
Hugh Spencer – Webmaster
Davie Reeve – Membership
Sue Reeve - Membership

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