Saturday, 2 November 2013

Spoonfest 2013 at Edale Derbyshire 1-4th August

In this, its second year, there were presenters from USA, Ireland, Holland and Sweden.
This year’s help yourself woodpile was extensive – elder, rowan, blackcurrant, beech, sycamore, lilac, privet, gorse, plum, maple, aspen, willow, blackthorn, robina, whitebeam, hornbeam, holly and a few more. The wood was sourced locally by Robin and by John Mullaney.

It all started on Thursday evening with an introduction from Robin and Barn followed by a presentation from Adam Hart-Davis on his journey with green woodworking.

Friday was mainly about knife and axe safety workshops, presented to groups of ten by most of the well-known presenters. However there were also workshops on leatherworking with Mia Sable and Sean Helmann on sharpening.

Saturday and Sunday was all about making the most of the human resources available.

Sue Holden – axing    Steve Tomlin – spoon doctor  Owen Thomas twyca cams

Jojo Wood      Engraving with Jan Harm ter Brugge        Nic Westerman and
                                                                                    Adam Hart-Davis

Saturday Martin Hazel – working with burrs

                                                   Sean Helmann – Pimp your spoon / and maker of the pizza oven and sharpening workshops

Fritiof Runhall – spoons and ergonomics.
                                                    At the end of the event there was a spoon club: one hour, twelve carvers and five minutes each with a spoon and then pass it on.

Spoon song with everyone.
Apologies to T errence McSweeney who was discussing how to protect your body and Wayne Singleton who was carrot carving and Jarod Stone Dahl – no pictures.

Keith Matthews – his bark tool holder + carry box
                                                     Barn and Will Wall during the wacky races.

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