Friday, 15 November 2013

 Visit to Barn the Spoon Friday 15th November at 260 Hackney Road London E2

It took me some time to actually visit Barn considering he is so close. Tom Hepworth, cousin of Barbara Hepworth (the sculptress) is his latest apprentice who started a couple of months ago was in the shop and I believe he is there until Christmas. 

I liked the very compact bowl lathe in the window.

 As you would expect there was a display of spoons!

Barn and I talked about using Paypal to process money. I wanted to know how it was set up for Spoonfest this year. The intention is to use it for the Bodgers Ball payments next year, then hopefully for annual subscriptions. Barn also uses it for course payments.

Great logo on his jumper!

This must be the only spoon maker’s retail shop in London or perhaps anywhere else for that matter. If you are going to visit give him a call first. He also has a workshop at Stepney Hall Farm.

JT Batchelor’s Culford  Mews, London N1 4DZ

After leaving Barn I went to JT Batchelor’s to buy some scrap leather from their budget bin but Phill Piddell had beaten me to it!

I had to buy some tools more instead. Behind me was the wall of leather.

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