Monday, 4 November 2013

Cherry Wood project week 23rd – 29th September Ashwicke Nr Marshfield.

Wood store raising- the biggest project this week was the new wood store for drying fuel storage. The softwood poles were part of the natural thinning process and were felled earlier. The frames were assembled on the ground and then raised onto the round wood piles, which had been levelled by the resident engineer. Great method and went up really quickly – someone hand thought about this a lot (think a lot, do a little). Much of the material was firewood scraps from a previous wood Miser visitation.

I had my metalworkers hat on and made a cage for a wood burning stove for a bell tent. There was an aluminium heat shield on the back to stop the tent sides from overheating as well as a tray to catch hot ash etc. when fuelling. The two drop down sides were for cooking equipment.

Page 3 girl – Sophie Burns head chef - Merlin said ‘this was the best year for food’
Well I was there for 5 days during the project week and she was unstoppable! Never made a fuss, fantastic cakes, mains, sweets. Even made two crumbles and two types of oatcake just for one afternoon tea.

There was a lot going on (33 volunteers for lunch on Saturday), coppicing, with some hand felling with Toms two – handed saw. Making of some new raised growing beds near main yurt.

There has been a mixture of planting since the project began – this is the dome greenhouse that was stuffed with tomatoes, rocket, spinach…
There are calculations to match dome size with family feeding capability if you visit one or two of the US websites. Many have thermal stores, this one is charcoal but many use water and grow in that as well.

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