Saturday, 2 November 2013

White Chimney Wood Benenden Kent 7/8th September – The Kent group.

Well, back to John Burbage’s woods for this last entry again.
Another weekend with friends. Phil Piddell who lives a couple of miles away was kind enough to show us his Alpacas. They have very soft wool which sells at a premium. They also make good eating. YouTube has some amusing footage of Phil’s animals

Terry Jones made this splendid chestnut basket during the weekend. It was a copy of an oak basket made by another. Graham Aslett happened to show us a file with lots of Terry’s work in it. He has made all sorts, tables chairs…
I have mentioned before that John is a great host and a very generous man. Next season he is planning to extend the facilities by adding a composting toilet and a dining shelter over the fire. I am going to be the first to volunteer for that weekend or two!
I hope you can join me for some pay back.

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