Monday, 4 November 2013

Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum Wood Fair 20/22nd September

This must be the biggest wood event of the season. The Sussex group were supported by some Londoners and Jim Steele.
They built a small boating pond in the woods – where did all that water come from?
Mike Gordon blew us all away with his special breakfast – eggs Benedict. He made the lot from scratch, even the hollandaise sauce. Wonderful, I did suggest the catering for the ball breakfast, but he was not amused.

This strange object was presented to us to name by a man who had even been on the antiques road show, still hoping for the answer.

This Kuska was being used by one of the Bushcraft crew. At a casual glance it looked good, until you find the moulding lines from the injection moulding process. Wood fibre and plastic yuk! Do not be fooled.

As usual the organisers of the event employed a local Glam rock band Tongue and Groove to entertain the stallholders on Saturday night in the beer tent. Not to be missed!

Wayne Batchelor was demonstrating his spoon making skills – some lovely shapes, must down to practicing on Edale carrots!

It was great to be able to have more than a passing conversation with Jim Steele. His chairs were a hit and he made some sales. Mrs Pink was on their lathe and I just happened upon a wooden spokeshave with micrometer blade adjustments (from Geoff’s tool collection) – just something I am trying to do to a travisher.

The Sussex coppice workers were en mass in the woods with Sean Helmann and many others.

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