Saturday, 2 November 2013

Rural Pastimes Show Pestalozzi Village, Seddlescombe, Sussex 10/11th August.

This was the second year at this agricultural event for the Sussex group.
James Pumprey’s pole support was something I had not picked up on before – easier to fine tune, no hammering into the ground.
This year the organisers decided not to group the demonstrators together and sited them away from the main arena. They were not very happy and may well decide not to attend next year. 

Wandering round the mountains of farm equipment, I bumped into Mark (a local) with his tool collection. A very interesting and amusing guy.
He has also made a collection of miniature billhooks.

One of the visitors brought me a piece of rowan from his garden as it had just dropped its leaves. I spent some time with my adze and axe plus a few knife strokes to shape this free-form dish. I will let it dry for a month and then re-tool and oil it with some organic linseed oil from (Mark Allery).

He is a keen sailor and budding cedar strip canoe maker. He showed me progress so far – very different construction from what you may expect. Thin strips (1/4”) of cedar are bent around the frames and are then covered in woven glass mat and laid up with epoxy resin on both sides – very thin and very strong. Check this construction method out on the web.

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