Thursday, 7 November 2013

Weald and Downland Autumn Countryside Show 12/13th October

Well here we are at the end of the bodging show season. The venue at Singleton has everything – space, blacksmith shop, beer tent (never went in it), hurdle making competition, local cider (the good stuff), hot water in the toilets and a cochell of bodgers. I will save you the trouble of looking it up, it means a quantity of. Now silly me neglected to take too many pictures on the Saturday and Sunday was a washout. 

Here is a lady from the past. Jax started things off at Abney Park Cemetery and has spent some time in South America up until very recently. She spent her time this weekend adding to her chair leg collection. 

Last year Graham Aslett put me onto the in house café at the museum and once again I had the pleasure of the fine dining in one of the reconstructed building on the site. Checkout the trestle construction on the tables. The rest of the building is however not to be sniffed at.

It does beg the question – if people will pay good money to sit in a posh West End location? What is the true value of this location. 

This last picture showed some European hewing axes.

Later in the day on Saturday I was given the opportunity to look into their tool repository.

What a wonderful collection of everything a bodger could wish for. You would have to see it for yourself.

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