Saturday, 2 November 2013

Vintage Times Fair at Townings Farm, North Chailey, Sussex 29thAugust – 1st September

Townings farm has a farm shop selling their own or locally produced meat, vegetables cheese etc. This weekend was based around SEVAC a local organisation.
The Sussex group were visiting for their first time this year. I decided to join them to supply all their caterings needs.
Andrew Coleman a relatively new member, was enjoying some instruction from Mike Gordon who as usual gives up unlimited time to encourage anyone on the humble art of pole-lathing.

I just love meeting spoon makers and other greenwood workers who are not members and to be honest require no real pressure at all to join our organisation. I do explain our liability insurance deal wherever I go.
Everyone who makes, understands the benefit from meeting like-minded folk with knowledge and skill to share and transfer. Mat (friend of James Pumfrey) has also made some furniture and is looking for some guidance in chair and table making. Hopefully soon he will join a local group.
I have never met a snare and net maker before I bumped into Peter Hills. He is also a keen rifleman and local pest (rabbit) controller. These agricultural fairs give the humble bodger opportunities to meet skilled craftsman working in other materials i.e. hemp and modern equivalents. These craftsmen are also the custodians of the old ways and deserve much more respect than they get! They have such a wealth of knowledge to pass on. I was very fortunate to have half an hour of his time.

This young man comes from a long line of local butchers. His father, (who I met later), was left handed and so he was not trained in their family trade. His son is self taught and works on site. He gave a demonstration on pork butchery and later on gave some of the visitors’ children an opportunity to make sausages. He was great; such patience with the sausage makers for a young man.

During the weekend there were many farming equipment displays as well as a corn to bread race (not a bit like the log to leg?) which took 4 hours – combine / drying / grinding and baking.

This diesel machine has an air blower / dryer on the right. The grinding unit is on the left.

This young lady was – shearing their rare breeds sheep. They lean through a harness, I presume to protect their backs. The sheep appeared to enjoy it far too much; I was thinking of mint sauce.

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