Thursday, 27 September 2018

27th September Meeting of the Howe committee WCT at Skinner's Hall London

As you may know the Bells at St Pauls have undergone a refurbishment and the WCT has funded the work for one of bells that it originally paid for. To raise funds for this bells have been turned by a group of professionals from the original wood.

Patricia Spero and Gabor Lacko are making a number to be sold at the Cathedral shop.

This was a sample she showed us yesterday.  Many others will be sold at various forthcoming events.

The WCT are holding their bi-annual competition at Carpenters Hall on the 26/7th November. If you are considering entering then the details are on their website. We, the APTGW will also have three pole lathe turners demonstrating.

Mike Gordon pole lathe turner – Sussex group.

Amy Leake – spoon and bowl maker

Sussex group.

 James Pumphrey bowl turner – Sussex group.

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