Saturday, 24 May 2014

22-05-14 Leather and woodworking at home

made this handle and case for a Magnus Damascus knife. 

The handle has two thin slices of Ebony and then Ziracote over that (I scrounged the exotic wood from Gabor). I stuck the whole thing together with Z-Poxy (30 minute epoxy resin)and wow, that was a sticky experience.

Must work on my management of that next time, the brass pins complicated matters as I had to slide the coated parts down the pins. I normally leave standard epoxy for a few days as although it cures it does not reach good strength for a much longer time. This was 30 minute so overnight was fine. I trimmed the excess with a microplane in a pillar drill and then a small rounding over cutter in a router. Then hand sanding with some really good abrasive from Jill Piers (as was the epoxy resin). 

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